Cannon Beach Conference Center

Memorial Gifts

When someone close to you goes home to be with the Lord, a Memorial gift can be a meaningful way to express your thoughtfulness.

If you wish, a note will be sent to the family of the person being remembered. The family is told that their loved one is being honored this special way. As the donor, you will receive an acknowledgment of your gift, and a tax-deductible receipt.

To make a gift, send a check to CBCC, PO Box 398, Cannon Beach OR 97110 and include a note with the pertinent memorial information. Or, Click Here to make a secure online memorial gift with your credit card, including the person to be honored, and acknowledgment information in the notes area.


In memory of Candace Corey by Cynthia Hudspeth, Joan Pierce, Bruce & Julie Upton

In memory of Tom & Audrey Bush by Ginny Bush

In memory of Winifred Lawrence by Ben & Robin Vose


In memory of Mickey Hadley by Leroy Kropf, Don & Norma Bauer

In memory of Homer Hadley by Leroy Kropf, Sandra Wiles, Yvonne Thiessen, Don & Norma Bauer

In memory of Carolyn Blankenbaker by Frank & Susie Alexander

In memory of Clarabel Scott by Carolyn Call

In memory of Don Furfiord by William & Katelyn Wright, Don & Melody Sheldon

In memory of Maureen & Scotty Kardell by Don & Kathy Fredrickson

In memory of Sam Warmenhoven by Barbara Warmenhoven, Donald Warmenhoven

In memory of Winifred Lawrence by Ben & Robin Vose

In memory of James Craig by Jason & Esther Ebels, Jerry & Merle Collamore, Jean Classen, Earl & Diana LaCross, Jim & Alison Ditomassi, Lois White, Graham Enterprises, Cindy Rice

In memory of Liz Stringer by Marilyn Smith

In memory of Louis & Virginia Gray by Stephen & Juanita Carlson

In memory of Eunice Hatfield by Roy & Renee Short

In memory of Merritt & Mona Ketcham by Kit & Elizabeth Ketcham, Henry & Susanna Greiner

In memory of Barbara Peterson by D Burton & Virginia Larkey

In memory of Stuart Hunter by Sue Hunter

In memory of Homer & Mickey Hadley by Roger & Debbie Hadley


In memory of Sandra Heath by Josh & Angela Hjertstedt; Harley Koch

In memory of Anne Pierce by Dale & Dorothea Gliyzke

In memory of Richard & Delphine Hill by Rod & Marlys Erickson

In memory of Ginny Murray by Craig & Jill Hamilton

In memory of Cloyd R Barnes by Greg & Stephanie Veasman

In memory of Winifred Lawrence by Ben & Robin Vose

In memory of June Wyrick by Ron Wyrick

In memory of Michelle Walter by Ed & Audrey Waddell

In memory of Julie Donaldson by Ed & Audrey Waddell

In memory of Jean Trott by Carl & Marcy Trott; Steve & Debra Trott

In memory of Roberta Kropf by Leroy Kropf

In memory of David & Tara Manitsas by Leroy Kropf

In memory of Evelyn Hegge by Bill & Terra Hegge

In memory of Everett & Vi Jensen by Greg & Ginny Jensen

In memory of Frances Kerns by Leroy Kropf

In memory of Scott Rice by Jay & Laura Holland; Guy & Cindy Williams

In memory of Evelyn Hegge by Bill & Terra Hegge

In memory of Merritt & Mona Ketcham by Kit & Elizabeth Ketcham

In memory of David Lellebo by Kathy Colton; Rod & Marlys Ericksen; James & Julie Gearheard; Mildred Jeffers; Don Nelson; Warrenton Boat Yard

In memory of Bob Baer by Ralph Leverett

In memory of Everett Jensen by Walter & Sherrill Behn; Roger & Penny Dorsey; Greg & Ginny Jensen; Kevin & Judith Johansen; Honerhea Martin; Terry & Linda Nielsen

In memory of Gladys Friesen by Ron Leroy Kropf

In memory of Jim Buck by Joan Allison; Brent & Tami Colvin; James & Laurie Graeper; Steve & Carolyn Harter; Kathleen Howlett; Robin Kar; Dale & Marva Keefer; Peggy Miller; Matthew & Nancy North

In memory of June Wyrick by Ron Wyrick

In memory of Garrett & Jacoba Terpstra by Nick & Joni Terpstra

In memory of Anne Pierce by Jerry & Mary Atkinson; Robert & Ethel Baer; Jennifer Briggle; Clifford & Audrey Burdick; Kim Fleming; Naomi Gierhart; Dale & Dorothea Gliyzke; Susan Grant; Wanda Hayes; Ralph Leverett; Harriet Martin; Howard Norman; Lenox Palin; Lynn Palin; Ken Pierce; Donald & Cheryl Smith

In memory of Gerald & Frances Engelen by Mark & Barbara Rutherford

In memory of Deborah Sifferman by Roger & Karen Beckar; John & Laurel Glisky; Janis Koch; Kim Koel; Eric Mechels; Dennis & Jennifer Pachan; Elizabeth Pugh; Larry & Stefanie Roed; Becky Schauland; Marvin & Gloria Schauland; Russ & Brenda Spychala; Dan & Lisa Warner

In memory of Winifred Lawrence by Ben & Robin Vose

In honor & memory of Everett & Vi Jensen by Greg & Ginny Jensen

In memory of David O’Brien by Erwin & Lorna Boring; Virgil & Cindy Ruiz; Ben & Robin Vose

In memory of Donald Sheldon by Wayne Mets

In memory of Patsy Forster by Bill Forster

In memory of Lynn White by Dave & Sue White

In memory of Daniel Johnson by Marilyn Johnson

In memory of Norma Sheldon by Wayne Mets

In memory of James Austin by Ed & Audrey Waddell

In memory of Betty Chapin by Ron & Elaine Christensen; Robert Mommsen; Ruth Sandberg

In memory of Richard Cooke by John & Donell Ehlers; Sharon Guldjord; Glenn & Dana Richey; Doris Schroeder; Helen Sturdivant; Lauie Suko

In memory of Marilyn Boardman by Curt Boardman

In memory of Winifred Lawrence by Ben & Robin Vose

In memory of Kimberly Carlsen by John Carlsen

In memory of Chuck & Audrey Turner by Wayne & Lorraine Taylor

In memory of Mary Lee Glassburn by Bill & Sana Glassburn

In memory of Bob Laughlin by Arlene Laughlin

In memory of Donald Lindstedt by Leroy Kropf

In memory of Evelyn Hegge by Bill & Terra Hegge

In memory of Merritt & Mong Ketcham by Kit Ketcham

In memory of Roberta Crumley by Edith Bryen

In memory of Frank Wiens by Leroy Kropf

In memory of Philipp & Anne Kindsfater by Paul & Joanne Poelstra

In memory of Alan Libby by Ed & Waddell

In memory of Pam Wright by Joe & Mary Ann Olson; Joan Smith

In memory of Merrit & Mona Ketcham by Pat & Jean Fitzgerald

In memory of Lynn White by Brent & Judith Skovmand; Jeanine Skovmand; Bill White

In memory of Douglas Rody by Robin Fitzgerald; Stephen Hadley; Norma Harding; Allen & Karen Motley; Scott Nelson; Sheila Riggs

In memory of Dan Johnson by Marilyn Johnson

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